conversation english

Restoran: “good morning, blackpepper restaurant, how can I help you?”
Riska: “I would like to make reservation for a birthday party on 12 february please.”
Restoran: “Mam, may I place you on hold while I check is there any space left on 12 february.”
Riska: “Okey”
Restoran: “Hello mam, there are some space left on 12 february. For the reservation we have some promos for the citibank cardholder”
Riska: “what’s the promo?”
Restoran: “for the citibank cardholder we have 30% discount for minimum payment Rp.300.000”
Riska: “what a great offer!”
Restoran: “and for the birthday party package price is Rp.450.000 for 20 people.”
Riska: ” okey, I’d like to have that package please.”
Restoran: “okey mam, is it for 12 february isn’t it?”
Riska: “yes, just write it down there reservation for fira”
Reservation: “for the payment would you like to pay in here?”
Riska: “can I just tell my creditcard number?”
Reservation: “sure mam”
Riska: “012346879”
Reservation: “I beg your pardon”
Riska: “012346879”



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